Wio Nodeをセットアップするために、Wio Androidアプリをインストールしました。画像のようにWioデバイスを接続しようとしても、手順は終了しません。




 % wio login
1.) Global Server (New)[https://us.wio.seeed.io]
2.) Chinese Server [https://cn.wio.seeed.io]
3.) Customize Server
? Please choice server: 1
? First get wio user token from https://wio.seeed.io/login
? Then enter token: xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Successfully completed login! Check state, see 'wio state'

と実行しwio setupます。

 % wio setup
> Setup is easy! Let's get started...

! PROTIP: Hold the Configure button ~4s into Configure Mode!
! PROTIP: Please make sure you are connected to the Server

? Would you like continue? [Y/n]: y
0.) Wio Link v1.0
1.) Wio Node v1.0
? Please choice the board type: 1

! PROTIP: Wireless setup of Wio!
! PROTIP: You need manually change your Wi-Fi network to Wio's network.
! PROTIP: You will lose your connection to the internet periodically.

? Please connect to the Wio_* network now. Press enter when ready: y
? Would you like to manually enter your Wi-Fi network configuration? [y/N]: y
> Please enter the SSID of your Wi-Fi network: TANEMAKI
> Please enter your Wi-Fi network password (leave blank for none): ilovemoguko
> Please enter the name of a device will be created: winnode_tetsu
> Here's what we're going to send to the Wio:

> Wi-Fi network: xxxxxxx
> Password: xxxxxxxxx
> Device name: winnode_ironsand

? Would you like to continue with the information shown above? [Y/n]: y

しかしwio list、デバイスは表示されません。

% wio list
No Wio devices could be found.






2.4GHz WiFiを接続するだけです。それで全部です。

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